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PSA: You CAN’T breed Walking Wake and Iron Leaves in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

My day is ruined

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If you are like me, you have taken small comfort in Chris Carter’s reliable coverage of the event Pokemon that can lay eggs in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Whether it’s Charmander or Froakie, the inclusion of baby Pokemon has been a nice bonus for the past 7-Star Tera Raid encounters. However, while the new 5-Star Walking Wake and Iron Leaves encounters have otherwise followed the rules of 7-Star raids, there is one crucial exception.

I am sad to report that, no, neither Walking Wake nor Iron Leaves are capable of laying eggs. Trust me, I tried everything. I got the perfect Ditto, I made an egg power sandwich, I even played “My Heart Will Go On.” Neither Paradox Pokemon would make as much as a passing glance at a potential companion. To answer your follow-up question, yes it was the DragonForce cover of “My Heart Will Go On.” Of course I used the most romantic version, do you think I’m crazy?

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This shouldn’t be a terribly big surprise. Paradox Pokemon can’t lay eggs, so your only option for duplicate Paradox monsters is to catch them yourself. That’s a bit harder with Walking Wake and Iron Leaves, as you can only catch one of each while their respective challenge is live. Since the event info does stipulate that these monsters “may be… obtainable through other methods,” it’s possible they will appear more commonly in future DLC. For now, keep your catches of Walking Wake and Iron Leaves safe. At least they won’t elope and move to Unova anytime soon.

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