PSA: You can get Ash’s Gengar now in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Ash's Gengar

The next distribution is live

Ash’s Gengar is now in the mix, thanks to a new distribution event from The Pokemon Company for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The code was revealed through an episode of the Pokemon TV show in Japan, but the distribution is taking place worldwide. It’ll last from now through September 15 and again, it’s a part of Sword and Shield (it doesn’t extend to Diamond or Pearl remakes like a few other distributions this year). You just need to select the mystery gift portion of the menu (which you’ll unlock in the first few hours) and enter the code below. It’s essentially just a bonus Gengar, but it contains Ash’s trainer ID (named Satoshi in Japan), and a moveset that Ash utilizes in the TV show.

We’ve been saying it for a little while now, but this could be one of the final distribution events for Sword and Shield as the door closes on that generation. Scarlet and Violet will take over later in 2022, and although there should be a few initial Sword and Shield distribution events, everything will cycle to the newest gen sometime in 2023. It’s how things go!

Ash’s Gengar code for Pokemon Sword and Shield:


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