PSA: Warcraft Rumble has a really sleazy late-game progression lock

Yes, it is stupid

Warcraft Rumble has a…lot going on that hampers the overall player experience, but one late-to-endgame design choice really takes the cake. Make sure you pick up one of each leader if you intend to progress in Warcraft Rumble in any meaningful way. Or, you can stop playing, that’s fine too.

Endgame is predicated on having one leader of each type

Up until sigil level 75 (sigils essentially serve as your account level/progression marker), the easiest way to progress with the game is to clear every new stage as it is unlocked. Once you get to level 75 (a process we go over extensively in this late game guide), things slow to a crawl, new levels stop opening up, and things get murkier.

From here on out, you’ll need to clear each old stage on heroic mode (read: levels are harder with new twists), with a leader from each faction. So that’s five clears for any given old stage for one sigil. It sounds grindy, but in theory, since each round only takes a few minutes, you’ll be able to grind those sigils out quickly…right? Well, it depends.

As a reminder, here are the different faction types in Warcraft Rumble:

  • Alliance
  • Beast
  • Blackrock
  • Horde
  • Undead

In case you were wondering: Yes, Blizzard can absolutely lock you out of earning more leaders, and prospective players (fairly easily I may add) can “accidentally” lock themselves out of progressing because they picked multiple leaders in the same faction. Again, you’ll need one of each to earn a sigil for those heroic levels: partial progress gives you absolutely nothing sigil-wise.

To make matters worse, earning leaders through the G.R.I.D. (one of the other randomized free-to-play barriers in the game) is tough because they’re “family-locked” each week. Meaning, you can only earn Blackrock leaders for a full week, then it’ll swap to Horde, and so on.

If the intention was to get people coming back to the game to progress, this system is a failure. Folks are more likely to just uninstall it entirely than put up with it. But if you are intent on playing through it and potentially earning 100 Sigils to unlock Onyxia’s Lair (the final endgame stage at launch), keep this PSA in mind!

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