Warcraft Rumble: Stuck at 75 sigils – How to get more, answered

You’ll need to replay older missions with each tribe/faction

Warcraft Rumble has a grindy endgame, and an extremely vague one at that. Here’s how to keep progressing and earn 100 sigils to unlock Onyxia’s Lair, and beyond.

How do I get more than 75 sigils in Warcraft Rumble?

So if you’ve cleared every single mission off the core map, you’ll be at 75 sigils, and no other portion of the world will open up. How do you keep getting more sigils? The answer is heroic missions, combined with a bit of a grind.

After reaching sigil level 50, you’ll unlock heroic missions to play. These allow you to redo old levels with a typically-tougher twist, like giant Kobolds that can take out your base in 1-2 hits. It won’t be enough to just beat them once (in fact you may have already done this, and noticed you weren’t getting any sigils) To actually earn a sigil from old missions, you’ll need to beat them with one leader from every tribe.

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What does that mean? Well, take a look at your leader’s icon – notice the faction it’s linked with? Here are the five tribes you’ll need to complete to unlock sigils for heroic missions:

  • Alliance
  • Horde
  • Beast
  • Blackrock
  • Undead

As you may have noticed, getting one leader from each tribe is imperative to clearing the endgame. So make that a priority.

Just clear each mission once with every tribe, and you’ll earn the sigil. Rinse and repeat! We recommend going in order progression style, starting with Goldtooth in Elywynn Forest and moving from there. Note that there is an obtuse “level selection” menu: just tap on the gold arrow next to the zone name to go to the subsequent location.

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What does earning more than 75 sigils do? All endgame sigil rewards, listed

Well, for one, you can eventually proceed to Onyxia’s Lair with 100 sigils: the location of the main baddie of Warcraft Rumble 1.0. You’ll also be able to earn more rewards beyond 75, such as:

  • 78 – Troop Choice
  • 83 – Leader Choice
  • 88 – Troop Choice
  • 93 – Leader Choice
  • 98 – Troop Choice
  • 103 – Leader Choice
  • 108 – Troop Choice
  • 113 – Leader Choice
  • 118 – Troop Choice
  • 123 – Leader Choice
  • 128 – Troop Choice
  • 133 – Leader Choice
  • 138 – Troop Choice
  • 143 – Leader Choice
  • 148 – Troop Choice
  • 150 – Legendary Core (for upgrading units)

While the grind to 150 will be an arduous one, hitting 100 and unlocking what is ostensibly the final boss could be a worthwhile journey. Good luck!

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