PSA: Destiny’s Nightfall is broken at the moment

Hey, get the door

[Update: Bungie has rectified the issue as of this afternoon.]

As if there already wasn’t a reason to do the Nightfall (hello useless multiple 290ish Ghost rewards!), Destiny‘s weekly event is now broken this week. After the reset, tons of folks on reddit jumped in, only to find out that the first half didn’t actually have enemies, and then a crucial door wouldn’t open.

It seems to be that way for nearly everyone (which the developer is investigating), which would be a rather unique approach for Bungie — time-gating weekly activities. Enjoy your broken Nightfall and three looping raid challenges until the next fleeting event happens!

Man, Bungie really needs to revamp the old raids and add a new one soon.

Nightfall broken this week? [reddit]

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