PSA: Cave shooters on sale for iOS platforms this week

[Update: Today, August 17th, is your last opportunity to take advantage of the Cave World Summer Sale.]

Summer is here and just about everyone and their brother is having a seasonal sale to help part you from your hard earned dollars and masquerade the monetary exchange as savings on your part. Atlus did it. Valve did it. And now Cave Interactive has decided to jump off that bridge as well. Alright, alright, just shut up and take my money already!

Anyway, over the weekend the legendary shoot’em up developer announced that several of its iOS offerings would be available at a discount price up until Friday. Unfortunately, while there are some good deals to be had, these reductions only apply to certain titles in the catalog. So don’t expect to nab their newest release, Bug Princess 2 Black Label, on the cheap anytime soon. A full listing awaits after the jump. 

  • Bug Princess — $2.99 (originally $4.99)
  • Bug Princess 2 — $4.99 (originally $6.99)
  • Deathsmiles — $6.99 (originally $11.99)
  • Dodonpachi Blissful Death — $2.99 (originally $4.99)
  • Dodonpachi Resurrection — $5.99 (originally $7.99)
  • Dodonpachi Resurrection HD — $10.99 (originally $13.99)
  • Espgaluda II — $5.99 (originally $7.99)
  • Espgaluda II HD — $10.99 (originally $13.99)
  • Mushihimesama Bug Panic — $0.99 (originally $6.99)
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