PSA: A shiny Clefairy Pokemon distribution event is happening this weekend

June 18 through June 19

The powers that be have revealed that a shiny Clefairy Pokemon distribution event for Sword and Shield is happening soon, to celebrate the Asia Player’s Cup. The news comes via, who discovered that the code will be shared on various Pokemon Facebook pages from June 18 through June 19.

Like most worldwide distribution events, this one will be a code that’s provided by The Pokemon Company, which works for a limited time. You can get it via the last mainline entry (Sword and Shield), by going into the mystery gift section and entering it. Stay tuned for the actual code distribution on the weekend.

This particularly Clefairy, again, is shiny, and will come with an Eviolite held item, at level 50. states that the official documents notes that it’ll have glaciate, rather than icy wind. Earlier this year in February, Clefairy was datamined for Pokemon Unite: which is still a possibility for the game. It would potentially make sense to do a shiny Clefairy Pokemon event with that in mind, though this is mainly being done to honor the 2021 Asia Player’s Cup contestant.

With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in the pipeline, it stands to reason that all these events will shift over there by the end of the year, as well.

2022 shiny Clefairy Pokemon distribution stats, held item, and powers:

shiny Clefairy Pokemon 2

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