Pokemon Sword and Shield is running another limited distribution event

Pokemon Sword and Shield distribution

It expires today

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Game Freak is at it again with a Pokemon Sword and Shield distribution event, and this time you can net a free Dracovish until the end of the day (the promo is expiring on April 25).

Delivered by way of the 2022 Pokemon Europe International Championship in Frankfurt Germany, this past weekend: the code will entitle you to a Dracovish that’s level 50, and kitted out like the winner. It sports the Fishious Rend, Rock Slide, and Dragon Rush abilities, with a Choice Scarf held item, and the strong jaw ability. You may recall the last reward of the same sort was roughly seven months ago, with the Porygon-Z via the Trainer’s Cup in Korea: also a Pokemon Sword and Shield distribution.

To grab it, just head to the mystery gift portion of either iteration, and enter the code: EU1C2022G1FT. Again, you have until the end of the day.

Again this is for Pokemon Sword and Shield, not the other games. Given that Diamond and Pearl remakes and Pokemon Legends are in the wild, this is a rare occasion where there are three active games out, all of which are getting periodic updates or promotions.

Pokemon Sword and Shield distribution code:

  • EU1C2022G1FT
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