PS5’s Access controller launches on December 6

PlayStation’s accessibility answer

The PS5 Access Controller has finally gotten a release date. The circular controller launches on December 6, 2023. Pre-orders will become available for the controller starting on July 21.

Image by Sony

PS5’s New Access Controller to Launch on December 6

The controller is going for a price of $89.99 and features 8 onboard buttons for its disc-shaped design. The control stick, which can be replaced with a joystick design, sits on the side. The controller allows for up to 30 control profiles, as well as toggleable commands. The controller also supports four 3.5mm expansion ports that allow for external devices to issue commands as well.

The Access controller is also able to adjust its control stick length, as well as including attachments for an AMPS Pattern mount. The Access controller can also be used in conjunction with the DualSense, to allow for more customization options. Up to two access controllers can be used in conjunction with a single DualSense.

Each cap on the controller can also be switched out, changing their form factor, and the icon on the cap. This allows for buttons to match the on-screen display without a need for marking the device or purchasing third-party replacements. Each cap has multiple textures as well, as described on the controller’s page.

This is a massive jump in accessibility for PlayStation. Combining this with the accessibility options in their first-party titles, Sony opens the door for more players to experience games on its platforms. Xbox has a similar device in its adaptive controller, which has received awards for its design. These tools make it easier for everyone to engage with games, removing barriers and making this hobby more accessible in the process.

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