PS4 now lets players swap X and O around in Asia

Use the X button to confirm and O to cancel

Along with Remote Play support on iOS, Sony has also tucked a little bonus feature into the PS4 6.50 system update for certain users: the ability to swap the buttons for Confirm/Enter and Cancel/Back. With this setting, players can tell their PlayStation 4 to recognize “O” as “X” and vice-versa.

[Screenshot] New update now allow you to swap between X and O from r/PS4

After seeing the button-swap feature in a shout-out on reddit, I was curious to try it just so I could say “Yeah, it works.” Unfortunately, the setting isn’t available in the West. It seems to be Asia-only. If that qualifier applies to you, go to your PS4’s Settings, then scroll down to System, and you’ll find a toggle.

A bespoke feature like this for Asian imports would’ve ruled, but it seems it’s not meant to be. Maybe Sony will consider expanding the X/O swap functionality to other regions if there’s enough demand.

Jordan Devore
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