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Ron Workman reports in with an afternoon’s worth of PS3 waiting line conversations. “After talking to over 100 people, I had only spoken to one that planned on keeping the PS3. The crazy thing was that people were actually making fun of him about it. Way to go Sony!”

The dude seen above just so happens to be one of those PS3 hopefuls who had ruined his chances after a friends’ beer run got the best of him. Keep reading for Ron’s full report, plus a few more pictures.

Ron Workman’s report:

What a surprise, PS3’s are all going to EBAY!

I ran around town tonight interviewing people waiting in line for the PS3 and it turned out even worse than I had imagined. After talking to over 100 people, I had only spoken to one that planned on keeping the PS3. The crazy thing was that people were actually making fun of him about it. Way to go Sony! Is this what you meant to accomplish? If Sony manages to get 100,000 units out tomorrow, are 99,999 of them going to be on Ebay? When did gaming turn into this? I for one, am seriously disappointed.

ebay ebay ebay

First, I spoke to a few people in line at Best Buy, and to my amazement… a huge percentage of them were female. Girls that came out with their boyfriends and even mothers with their children. I asked why they were buying and the answers were all the same…Ebay. I talked a little about how Sony has dropped the numbers being shipped and how much PS3’s were going for on Ebay. One girl even commented to her boyfriend that they were going to have “An awesome vacation.” They were second in line with 38 consoles up for grabs.

more ebay

Next I rolled down to Circuit City. As soon as I got out of the car, I found a guy laying face down on the parking island area. I snapped a pic first caring more about the coverage than his health, and then walked over to see if he was alive. When I finally got him conscious, he was wasted beyond anything I had witnessed in a long time. From what I could understand, he had been waiting in line a few days, and his friends finally made a beer run. I made my way to the makeshift campsite in front of the store and asked once again what everyone was going to do with the PS3. Guess what? Ebay for the win!!! The guy that was first in line actually told me, “If you want to interview me it’s going to suck. I really don’t know shit about video games. I am just here to Ebay it.” Circuit City only had 6 units but dozens of people outside in line. They did announce that there will be no lottery or tickets handed out to guarantee your place in line. So, if someone walks up at 7:45 in the morning, they can walk right in past the folks that have been there for days. Great customer support Circuit Shitty.

circuit shitty

Finally, I made my way to Wal-mart. At first I thought that the PS3 launch excitement has passed Wollyworld by. Then I found out that the people hanging out to the side of the store were not homeless people, but Ebay entrepreneur’s. Wal-mart would not allow people waiting to set up tents but did let them come inside last night for the near hurricane sized storm that hit here last night. How thoughtful of them. So after asking around and getting the same answer that I had all night, I started to realize something. Opening up an Atari or NES at Christmas as a kid, was honestly one of my happiest moments growing up. Are those days gone forever? Are parents really going to have to shell out 2,000 bucks on Ebay for their kids to feel the same thing as I did? Is there nothing Holy left in the video game world? Thank you Nintendo, for trying hard to make sure this is still possible. For that I do commend you. As far Sony an Ebay, thanks for destroying what video games are all about… Fun. Unless your opinion of fun is to pay 4 times as much for a machine that is already overpriced because you couldn’t take time off of work to camp out for 3 days. Now it looks like buying a video game or console, is turning into ticket scalping for concerts and sporting events.

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