PS3 Slim was the biggest news of 2009, allegedly

Japanese gaming magazine/hype pamphlet Famitsu has listed the biggest news stories of 2009 according to its readers and retailers. Unsurprisingly, the list includes a ludicrous amount of Sony and Square Enix stories, with such gems as the PSPgo, Final Fantasy XIV and, of course, The Last Guardian

The PS3 Slim, however, tops the poll. Apparently everybody in Japan thought that was more mindblowing than Project Natal, even though we all knew the PS3 Slim was coming so it wasn’t much of a shock. Still, Sony is Japanese and Microsoft is not, so what could we expect? Here’s the list of Famitsu‘s biggest bombshells:

  1. PS3 Slim announcement
  2. Final Fantasy XIII release date
  3. Dragon Quest IX sells two million copies in two days
  4. DSi LL goes on sale
  5. PSPgo announced
  6. Nintendo’s R4 lawsuit
  7. PSP-3000 price drop (seriously?)
  8. Project Natal announcement
  9. Final Fantasy XIV announcement
  10. The Last Guardian announcement

I’d call the actual importance and shock value of some of those stories into question, but what about you lot? Does this list sum up 2009 for you, are can you think of better things that happed during the year?

The Biggest News of 2009 According To Famitsu Readers Is… [Kotaku]

Jim Sterling