PS3 owners, go download system software v2.35

Yes, I’m reusing the pic. Gimme a break. No one got the joke last time, anyway.

In a quick post on the PlayStation.Blog that went up at around 7:30 PM EDT yesterday evening, Eric Lempel, the Director of PlayStation Network Operations, let us know that system software v2.35 for the PS3 would be going live “shortly”. I can now confirm for you that the update has been put up; it is currently available for download through your XMB. In fact, I just downloaded and installed it myself.

As for what the update does, the original post said only this: “This is a relatively minor update to improve stability of some PS3 titles.” According to a response from SCEA PR Manager Al de Leon to a comment on the blog post, firmware v2.35 has nothing at all to do with GTA IV — or, specifically, the problems that some PS3 users have been having in trying to play it. Either way, your PS3 is going to bug you about updating eventually, so why don’t you just preempt that by doing it yourself?

[Via PlayStation.Blog and Akiba’s c-blog]

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