PS3 fans still loyal to Sony after PSN debacle

Despite news that the PS3 saw a massive amount of trade-ins during the PSN outage, a study reports that loyalty to the PlayStation brand has not wavered to any dramatic extent. Fans are still loyal and ready to keep giving Sony money. 

GameSpot asked 2,285 fans about the outage, and 67% said they were “very likely” to stick with the PSN, bolstered by 14% who said they were “Somewhat likely.” 64% said they were “Very unlikely” to switch from PSN to Xbox Live. That said, 9% said they’d already betrayed Sony and went over to the Green Side. 

Outside of that survey, you only have to go to the PlayStation Blog or even Destructoid to see that Sony fans have remained loyal throughout. The world’s premier PS3 fan site, N4G, is still full of people ready to serve in the PlayStation Army (there is no such army). 

I’m not sure what Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft have done to inspire such fierce loyalty, but it’s there. Sony seems almost on par with the Church in terms of being forgiven for anything. 

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