PS Vita RAM has not been cut in half … for now

Recently, it was suggested that the PlayStation Vita WiFi model’s RAM of 512MB had been cut in half, with a 256MB proposed for the final product. One developer who backed up the rumor has since pulled a U-turn, while another source outright refutes any claims.

Novarama’s Dani Sanchez-Crespo hinted that the Vita’s RAM had been reduced, but admitted later that he doesn’t know anything about any cutbacks. An anonymous “Vita development source” has also said that we should take PS Vita RAM rumors with “a giant grain of salt,”

For now at least, there seems to be nothing to substantiate rumors of a PS Vita RAM reduction, so the official story is that it’s still 512MB of hedonistic portable excess. Of course, this could change in the future, because $250 for what the Vita reportedly offers is almost too impressive to last.

It doesn’t much matter either way. If I can still get my Killzone FPS, the Vita can have a dead hamster in it for all I care.

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