PS Vita is not that much bigger than PSP, also innards

Blogging and exaggeration go together like peanut butter and chocolate, so I’m sure that you’ve heard that the PlayStation Vita is HUGE in previous coverage. It’s not that big. You can see that for yourself in 4Gamer’s size comparison pics, where they put the Vita next to a couple of PSP systems. It’s just big enough to get in that extra stick and bigger screen, and it’s actually thinner without the need for a UMD slot. We’ll have better comparison images for you when our Japanese unit hits our offices this week.

But here’s some images we would not be able to produce. Someone in Japan had the guts to bust open their PS Vita to see its guts. There’s not much to write home about in Pocketnews’ innards images other than the big battery and Samsung OLED screen connectors. 

Those really into tech might be interested to see the Vita screen’s subpixel array, which was examined with a USB microscope. 

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