Project Triangle Strategy is a new Square Enix ‘HD-2D’ SRPG with a Switch demo today

That’s (supposedly) the working title for this 2022 release

Square Enix is still in the spruced-up spritework game, and the next “HD-2D” project is a tactical RPG for Nintendo Switch with a working title of Project Triangle Strategy. (Please, please keep the name.)

It’s a long way off – the current plan is 2022 – but there’s a Debut Demo today on the eShop.

Today’s Nintendo Direct presentation was so rapid-fire that it was hard to settle in and focus on the extended, detail-heavy Triangle Strategy segment of the show, but I appreciated the visual splendor of it all in the moment. I’m a pretty big fan of this glossed-up retro style popularized by Octopath Traveler.

Final Fantasy Tactics is forever fresh on fans’ minds, and while there’s no replacing it, recapturing its spirit in a new IP feels like a silver lining. I’m glad folks will be able to cozy up with a demo.

If you’re the type of person to go all-in, make sure to take notes – there will be a survey.

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