Project Needlemouse site is fake (no Green Hill for you)

Yesterday we were all freaking out over the announcement of Project Needlemouse, a codenamed game that promised to be a brand new 2D Sonic the Hedgehog due for release in 2010. Don’t worry, the game itself and the trailer we posted is genuine. However, a Project Needlemouse site featuring Green Hill-esque artwork has been confirmed as false.

A few people were excited for the artwork, as it looked like an old school Sonic level design given an HD coat of paint. Unfortunately for those people, the art was created by a mystery person who has no affiliation with Sega whatsoever. Whatever those concepts are, they aren’t going to be in the new Sonic game. 

“That site is not connected to our Project Needlemouse,” states Sega of America’s Kellie Parker. 

Even though the site is fake, I hope Sega at least takes notice of the colors and design and remembers what old Sonic games used to look like. Let’s not have this new game look like a bad anime or a cyberpunk fairground ride. If Sega’s serious about bringing Sonic back to his roots, some good old fashioned level design would be wonderful.

Jim Sterling