Producer walks out of a portal in second behind-the-scenes Legendary vid

Gamecock Media Group has released the second in a series of behind-the-scenes videos for Spark Unlimited’s forthcoming first-person shooter Legendary. In this video the game’s producer, John Garcia-Shelton once again walks out of a portal to talk about a freakin’ gryphon. How many game developers have that on their resume?

Along with this new behind-the-scenes look, Gamecock have also tossed a bunch of screenshots our way, all from the PlayStation 3 version. We’d previously only played the game running on an Xbox 360, but were told at the time that the PS3 version was looking good running just as smooth. We know Gamecock are showing off a PS3 build of the game to media this week, but we were too busy washing our hair this week to check it out.

But we’ll certainly have an updated preview of the title prior to its release, as we’ve been told a gryphon will be dropping updated preview builds at our offices sometime in the near future. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing more videos of Garcia-Shelton popping out of holes and portals.


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