Prime Day has some decent deals on microSD cards for Switch and Steam Deck owners

Steam Deck

A nice day to expand that storage

Games keep getting larger, and so our storage needs expand. Thankfully, there are some deals on microSD cards during Prime Day today that make bumping up the Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch storage capacity a little easier on the wallet.

Today is Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale, where it cuts prices across the storefront. While lightning-fast, short-time-only deals are going on as well, there are some pretty decent cuts on microSD cards. These discounts make upgrading to a 256 or 512 GB pretty reasonable, and hey, that’s a lot of indies, backlog games, and anything else you might stick on a Steam Deck.

When looking at microSD cards for game devices, you want to make sure it has a good rating and read speed. For those who haven’t dealt with this before, that just means having a card that will let the device read the info on it faster. Games have a lot of data they deal with, and so read speed is going to cause fewer loading hiccups.

Additionally, 512 GB is—at least for me—the sweet spot for Steam Deck. It’s a ton of storage without going completely overboard on the terabyte storage, and can hold a hefty amount of games. I prefer one card, rather than having to swap out a ton.

Switch microSD deals

The highlights of today’s Prime Day deals vary, depending on what you’re looking for. Nintendo Switch owners can pick up a Nintendo-themed 512 GB SanDisk microSDXC card for $69.34, down from $130. Not only is this a pretty big discount, but it’s a big storage expansion and a good card. The price bump seems largely due to the Nintendo branding, but this at least brings it down to a more reasonable point, if you want some Nintendo theming on your storage.

A slightly more budget-friendly option is the 512GB SanDisk with no Nintendo theming. That comes in at $46.99, down from $57.99; not a huge price slash, but you’re getting a better price point. SanDisk is what I use for my own Switch, and I’ve had a good experience with it. If you want to save a bit more, you can also bump down to the 256 GB SanDisk Extreme, which runs $35.99. Or go incredibly overboard with a 1 TB card at $151.99, which is actually a pretty alright discount from its usual $249.99.

Steam Deck microSD deals

If you are looking to bump up that Steam Deck storage space, however, you’ll want to eye the Samsung line of cards. The 256 GB Pro Plus is down to $27.99 from $54.99, which would make for a good card to fill up with smaller file size games or any other game files that might be smaller in size. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Larger capacities don’t get the same deep discount, as the 512 GB Evo Select is only marked down to $54.99 from $65.58. Cost-savers won’t see as much savings here, but one 512 GB card will still run you less than two 256 GB cards.

Deals are popping up throughout the day on gamepads, drives, and actual games themselves too. As always, I recommend following Wario64 on Twitter to keep track of them. And if you have Prime, be sure to nab that free copy of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition today too.

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