Poseable figure of Persona 3’s Aegis is on the way

You know, when you tool around toy websites all day looking for the latest and greatest, I hate to say it, but you get accustomed to looking at toys and reacting a little bit less … intensely? I love my collection, but I buy a lot less than I used to. Something really has to jam my buttons for me to really flip out when I see it.

That being said, when I went over to Figma blog this morning, I choked on my tea and nearly spit it all over the computer monitor. Sure, I’m really wanting more Persona 4 figures, but shit, I will most definitely take an Aegis Figma if I can’t have those.

According to Figma blog, this one is being made due to tons of fan requests. She comes with a few different faces and rocket fish accessories, in addition to the usual plentiful supply of hands that all Figmas come with. We don’t know release date or pricing yet, but the blog says more details will be coming soon. I will preorder this with the ferocity of a thousand suns the moment she is available. What about you?

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