Poly Bridge 3 bears the load on May 30

Poly Bridge 3 Header


Dry Cactus has announced that the next installment of the physics-filled bridge builder series, Poly Bridge 3, will be arriving on PC on May 30.

The Poly Bridge series represents a surprisingly large and extensive genre of physics games in which you design a bridge. Poly Bridge takes the concept in a more lighthearted direction. Instead of simply experimenting to figure out how a suspension bridge is supposed to function, you complete various tasks that often involve creating whacked-out draw bridges. The series differentiates itself by making things accessible and fun rather than simply challenging.

With that said, I don’t know how we’ve wound up on a third title. The first Poly Bridge has over 100 campaign missions, and already my bridge-making imagination is stretched beyond its limit. I’m not saying that there is no room for more bridges, I’m just saying I can’t fathom it. Now, Dry Cactus is touting another “over 100” missions in Poly Bridge 3. Just how many gaps need to be bridged?

The trailer that has dropped alongside the announcement shows off some of its concepts, including a drawbridge that works via a front-end loader. Some of these various bridges appear to function entirely on magic, and the fact that there is some sort of tangible physics behind them makes me furious. I haven’t even attempted anything, and already, I’m feeling extremely inadequate.

I guess I can find out if my bridge-building abilities carry any sort of way when Poly Bridge 3 comes to PC, MacOS, and Linux on May 30, 2023. If you’re new to the series, Dry Cactus is also providing a discount on the first two games on Steam.

Zoey Handley
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