Pokemon Unite launches for Nintendo Switch on July 21

Pokemon Unite Release Date

Get a free Pokemon for logging in at launch, too

The Pokemon MOBA Pokemon Unite has set a launch date. Nintendo Switch players can start brawling in the battle arena next week on July 21, 2021.

The free-to-play, five-on-five battler will be coming to Nintendo’s hybrid handheld first, while mobile players will have to wait a little longer. The Unite team says the mobile device version is planned for sometime in September, though cross-play is planned.

Signing in using your Pokemon Trainer Club or Nintendo account will let you access your game data on any device as well. So while the platforms won’t be launching simultaneously, at least the data can carry over when both the mobile and Switch versions are live.

Logging into the Switch version by August 31 will also net you a free character, Zeraora. The Electric-type Pokemon is fast and can do some massive damage, with its Unite Move (read: ultimate) sending out a powerful blast, leaving a plasma zone around the impact site.

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA-style take on the world of Pokemon, where you can take control of individual ‘mons and level them up, upgrading your abilities and scoring takedowns on opponents.

There are a bunch of pocket monsters to play as in the battle arena, too. The current lineup on the site has a pretty good variety, ranging from the expected (Pikachu, Greninja) to some neat and unusual picks (Cramorant Crew let’s go). And with some cross-play and cross-progression, it’s good to know my sick Pokemon skins can move over to the phone version too.

We’ll see how putting Pokemonin the battle arena fares next week, when Pokemon Unite hits Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2021. Hopefully the phone date can get a date locked in for its September window soon, too.

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