Pokemon Unite is adding Espeon soon, get ready for an Eevee-fest

Pokemon Unite

Two teams of two Sylveon + Espeon

A Pokemon Unite Espeon update is arriving soon, and has been dated for May 15, 2022.

The psychic-type will be a ranged attacker in Unite parlance, which aligns with the current Eeveelution situation; also a ranged attacker. At the moment, Sylveon is also in the game, which evolves from Eevvee into the fairy-type. That means both teams can presumably start with two Eevee’s each: not confusing at all!

We sort of knew this was coming, as Espeon was recently datamined (alongside of Delphox), but it’s nice to have confirmation with this firm Pokemon Unite Espeon update. Further datamining claims that there will be an event to pick up Sylveon for free, similar to how Hoopa was released. It stands to reason that eventually every Eeevee-lution will make it in, given how popular the branching Pokemon is in general. Can a speedster Jolteon be next? Maybe with a speedster rework?

As far as how the bigger picture is going, the news comes directly after¬†Pokemon Unite decided to “postpone” their unappealing subscription service, potentially to retool it after user reactions. Right now the game is on Season 7 of its battlepass, which adorns a Japanese aesthetic, and is accompanied by a “challenge series” that rewards floral currency that can be spent on rewards.

It’s not super exciting!¬†Fundamentally¬†Unite has things to like about it still, but it’s failed to hook me content-wise outside of the occasional new character drop that I resonate with. A subscription service would actually push me further from the game if anything.

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