PSA: The Pokemon Unite free Hoopa challenge is way easier to finish now

Pokemon Unite free Hoopa

Bank error in our favor: skip multiple days of challenges

If you want to finish the Pokemon Unite free Hoopa challenge early, just log in and check your mail. You’re going to be a lot closer.

In case you haven’t signed into Pokemon Unite in a while, there’s currently a “Hoopa Special Event” running right now. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Hoopa itself: via a full character license (which will save you 1000+ coins).

Pokemon Unite free Hoopa 1

Right now, the best way to finish up Hoopa’s event is to play at least one game, and complete the special quest at the top of the “get ingredients” menu (usually it’s something easy like scoring three times in a match, or use your unite move twice: but it’s something you need to be aware of and actually do). If you log in each day and simply do one round and that quest, you’ll actually finish two quests (one of them is “play a game”), and you’ll be on your way to getting Hoopa.

Of course, you can just skip a lot of the pageantry and get it early, then forget about logging in if you want, as a result of a new mailer from the Unite team. The letter notes, as a notice of apology and compensation: “We sincerely apologize for the recent inconvenience our users have experienced. Please accept the attached items as compensation.” To access the letter, click on your character portrait in the top left, then go to “mail.”

The “inconvenience” dealt with the Hoopa event being bugged a bit. And the “compensation” is 200 ingredient reagents: which translates to roughly 10 levels for the Hoopa challenge.

While the ingredients are set to expire in 29 days via the mailer, the actual event is only running for around 13 more days. So log in, claim the ingredients, play a few games here and there, and get your free Hoopa.

Hoopa has been shaking up the meta since its arrival a few days ago, mainly with its ability to warp between lanes with hyperspace hole. It’s one of the most powerful traversal powers yet in Pokemon Unite, so with a coordinated team, it can be incredibly effective.

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