Pokémon TCG Live officially launches in June

Pokemon TCG Live

The revised digital Pokémon card game sets a launch date

The Pokemon Company has locked in a full launch date for its new digital card game platform. Pokemon TCG Live will fully launch on June 8 for both PC and mobile, with TCG Online sunsetting as part of the process.

This new app is The Pokemon Company’s updated way to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game online. Announced back in 2021, the app has been in open beta for a little while now and is finally setting a full launch date.

Pokemon TCG Live can be picked up through the App Store, Google Play Store, or the TCG website for their respective platforms. The company is also hosting a celebration ahead of next expansion’s launch. Paldea Evolved will be playable starting on June 8 in TCG Live, but players who log in between May 2 and June 6 will get some special accessories and cosmetics.

This also means the original Pokemon Trading Card Game Online app will be removed from mobile and PC on June 5, at 9 a.m. PT. Accounts use the same Trainer club account log-in, and you can read up on how to migrate those over here.

The heart of the cards

As someone who already collects Pokemon cards but doesn’t really play the actual competitive card game (I just like the cool art, okay), this update feels a little targeted at me. I’ve only played a little bit of TCG Live, but it’s definitely a visual upgrade, and there are systems in place to encourage learning.

I’m still hungry for the days of the Pokemon Trading Card Game on the Game Boy, which Arceus willing, will hit Nintendo Switch Online at some point. But hey, maybe I’ll run a bunch of code cards through the TCG Live service and see if I can rekindle the card game flame.

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