Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Wild Area is ‘about the size of two regions from Zelda: Breath of the Wild’

That sounds good

Pokemon Sword & Shield is so close we can almost taste it. Don’t actually do that! Switch carts taste terrible (Google it). But you get the picture.

Sword & Shield has been yo-yoing in favorability with the collective zeitgeist throughout the year, going up whenever a new cute creature variant is revealed, and down when some concession like a lack of a National Pokedex is confirmed. But one huge focus (and make or break mechanic, really) is the “Wild Area,” which is really coming together this past month.

According to a Pokemon Company rep (by way of Metro UK), Pokemon Sword & Shield‘s Wild Area, which encompasses a huge portion of the overall map, is going to be “about the size of two regions from Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” Now, odds are you’ve played Breath of the Wild (we have the stats to prove it!). You’ve trekked across those regions, you’ve seen how large they are. You can do the math: one portion of Sword & Shield is going to be huge.

Pokemon Sword and Shield arrives on November 15. I can’t wait to play it in a bubble before I’m told that I’m supposed to hate it on principle.

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