Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trick lets you run faster with two controllers

Pokemon Scarlet violet two controllers running

Two controllers are faster than one

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are out in the wild, and players have been discovering all kinds of weird glitches and tricks. One in particular involves not just a copy of the new Pokemon, but two controllers too.

As discovered and shared over on Reddit, you can use two controllers to make your Trainer in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet run faster than usual. Others, including myself, have since verified that it does indeed work.

This seems to really only work in handheld mode, in my experience. And likely best with Pro Controller and attached Joy-Cons as the configuration; the Reddit video uses Joy-Cons, but a Pro and Joy-Con combo felt better to use in my case.

It’s a bit finicky to manage, as you have to tilt both sticks at an angle. But it definitely felt like I was booking it through Paldea when I was doing this.

This could likely get addressed in a future patch, and honestly, it’s not too different from just mounting up and rolling out. The novelty of it is especially interesting though. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have already discovered means for sequence breaking using “teleports” across gaps. A feature like this might make something like a “No School” run possible.

A whole new region

The newest entry in the Pokemon series has had quite a few technical issues, that get a bit more serious than two-controller speeding. Camera clipping, performance hitches, and other technical problems have led to Scarlet and Violet drawing significant criticism towards the state of the series.

All that said, though, a lot of people are playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Despite the hiccups, players seem to be gelling with the new region and open-world approach. Time will tell how this generation is remembered, as Pokemon games are often evaluated and then re-evaluated, over and over, by fans as the years go on. We’ll have formal critiques to share in the future. And hey, now we can run through them even faster thanks to this new trick.

Eric Van Allen