Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is getting a Tera Raid event with brand new Pokemon

Two more Pokemon enter the fray

The Pokemon Company gave us more details on “what’s next” for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and it involves more Tera Raids. As of today, we’ll be able to battle with (and presumably capture) Walking Wake and Iron Leaves, which are classified as new paradox Pokemon. Interestingly, each one is exclusive to a unique version of the game, with the former calling Pokemon Scarlet home, and the latter popping up in Pokemon Violet. It’s a departure from the current “everyone can face the same Tera Raids” format, though you should be able to play them across versions online.

You can find all the info we know about them below. As each raid approaches, we’ll provide our normal coverage of full stat rundowns, strategy guides, and answering the question of whether or not they can be bred.

Screenshot by Destructoid

All the details we have on the February 2023-announced Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Tera Raid events

Walking Wake (Water Dragon) – Scarlet

This Pokemon almost looks like a mix between Suicune and another creature, and will sport the water/dragon types. Either of those individually have been popular with seven-star Tera Raids, so folks probably have a lot of party members ready to take this one on.

Iron Leaves (Grass/Psychic) – Violet

Iron leaves looks a little trickier, as it’ll have the grass/psychic types in tow. Its appearance is a bit less unique, and reminds me of a slightly modified Virizion.

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