More Pokemon Scarlet and Violet info is on the way this week

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Paldea region map

Get another glimpse of the Paldea region

The next Pokemon generation is just around the corner, and there’s still some more info to share on what’s in store. The Pokemon Company confirms that more info on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will air on its YouTube channel this week.

A new drop will happen on October 12, tomorrow, at 6 a.m. PT. The video will go live on the official Pokemon YouTube channel then.

There isn’t any indication about how long this particular video will be, or what content it will cover.

Exploring Scarlet and Violet‘s new region

We’ve had a number of these info drops pop up over the last few weeks. On October 6, a new trailer dove into the world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, showing some battle footage and the Terrastallize mechanic in practice.

The auto-battle function that’s been teased was also shown off. This option lets Pokemon run off and fight their own battles, separate from the trainer. It can be used to pick up items too, and it seems like one of this generation’s three main story pillars will involve storming a Team Star hideout alongside your Pokemon.

A quiet surprise was the TM Machine, which will let players create TMs using items dropped by Pokemon. This could be a big one for endgame Pokemon raising and training, as well as helping players adapt to the gyms.


Alongside news like that, we’ve also seen info about some of the new Pokemon and regional variants. New faces like Wigglett and Lechonk are already stealing hearts, or terrifying them in the former’s case.

All this, alongside legendary mounts that can help you can get around Paldea, sure makes Pokemon Scarlet and Violet look like interesting entries in the mainline Pokemon series. We’ll see what more the Pokemon team has in store to show off tomorrow.

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