Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Prepare for The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC

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Pokemon‘s ninth generation has taken gamers to Paldea, a region bursting with adventures to embark on and treasures to find. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet differ from prior titles as they offer more freedom than ever; allowing players to complete three separate storylines in whatever order they please. The upcoming DLC, titled The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, will expand the Pokemon journey with new creatures, locations, and mysteries to unravel.

Thus far, gamers have only received a brief trailer of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, but it has already sparked plenty of excitement and anticipation. There is still a bit of a wait ahead, as the first half of the DLC only launches in Spring this year. However, there is plenty you can do in preparation for upcoming adventures.

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Buying Guide

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero will be released in two parts. The first half, titled The Teal Mask, is set to release in Spring 2023. In it, players will go on a school trip to Kitakami, which is a region that seems to be heavily inspired by Japan. New Pokemon revealed from the region include Ogerpon, as well as the trio Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti. The second half, titled The Indigo Disk, launches in Winter 2023. It will have gamers traveling to Blueberry Academy as exchange students.

A lot less is known about The Indigo Disk, though Game Freak will surely share more information as the release date draws nearer. Though the two halves will be released separately, they will tell a single, continuous story.

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Players can pre-order The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero bundle which contains both halves of the DLC, or they can purchase each half separately. However, it should be noted that there are two versions available – one for Pokemon Scarlet, and one for Pokemon Violet. Gamers should ensure they purchase the version that is compatible with the copy they own. Alternatively, for gamers who have yet to experience Paldea, bundles containing Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, and the upcoming DLC, are available on the Nintendo eShop.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Post-Game Content

In preparation for The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, it would be best to address all unfinished business in Paldea. Scarlet and Violet pack a surprising amount of post-game content, with some of it granting great rewards. The first thing to do would be to revisit all the Pokemon Gyms and battle the Gym Leaders once again, though players should be warned that their teams will be much stronger this time around. The Team Star bosses are down for a rematch, though players can only battle one boss a day, and there is no Starmobile mechanic.

There is also the Academy Ace Tournament, which has players taking on various characters in tough battles. It is also useful to speak to all the teachers, especially Ms. Raifort, as she will talk about the Treasures of Ruin, which will make four shrines visible on the map. Each shrine has eight Ominous Stakes of the same color scattered across the map, and if players can find them, they will gain the chance to battle and catch one of the four Treasures of Ruin legendary Pokemon.

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Lastly, players can do what all Pokemon games have asked them to do and catch ’em all. After completing the Pokedex, biology professor Jacq will reward players with a Shiny Charm which increases the odds of encountering a Shiny Pokemon in the wild. Typically, there’s a 1 in 4,096 chance of coming across a Shiny Pokemon, but with a charm, the odds are doubled to 1 in 2,048, making it a worthwhile reward for players obsessed with crafting their dream team.

Bonus: Play Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y are noteworthy entries in the franchise. In addition to being the first titles released on the 3DS, they also never received a third title, which has been the typical release pattern for many generations. This left X and Y feeling incomplete, and it has also fueled recurring rumors that Game Freak will revisit Kalos one day. With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, these rumors received more fueled, as it appears some clues link Paldea to Kalos.

Most notably, at the center of the map lies Area Zero, initialized as AZ, which happens to be the name of a central character in X and Y. Furthermore, with Paldea being inspired by Spain, it would make sense if Blueberry Academy, the sister school in The Indigo Disk, is set in a neighboring country, perhaps one inspired by France? Regardless of whether Scarlet and Violet‘s DLC takes a trip to Kalos, it’s always worth it to revisit the often-neglected titles, especially in the wake of the closure of the 3DS eShop.

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Despite breaking sales records for the franchise, Scarlet and Violet had a rocky launch, as the games were scourged with technical issues and graphical glitches. Updates have addressed some of the problems, though it did make for a disappointing launch experience. With the right content, the DLC could be the best way to make it up to fans.

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