Pokemon Legends: Arceus shows off a fight with noble Pokemon Kleavor

Pokemon Legends: Arceus noble Kleavor

Kleavor looks like it can really mess you up

A new trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus debuted this morning, showcasing some of the activities you can do in the Hisui region. And while there is some leisure to partake in, there are also noble Pokemon, which appear to be giant boss battle Pokemon who can really do some damage.

The trailer highlights Kleavor, a Bug/Rock Type Pokemon that looks like a giant, angry Scyther. Dubbed the “Axe Pokemon,” Kleaver is a Scyther that’s evolved into this angry rock monster due to special minerals found in the Hisui region.

The story of Pokemon Legends: Arceus looks to follow why these noble Pokemon are going into a frenzy and attacking people. When frenzied, they grow and shine brightly, and you’ll have to hit them with balms made of their favorite food.

While you can use Pokemon to fight them in battle, it’s really more of a way of slowing them down than fully defeating them, it seems. Defeating them in battle can daze them, letting you pelt them with balms. Hopefully, eventually, you can calm them down. Because good lord, these Pokemon are scary up-close like this.

The upcoming Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl also got a new trailer today, showing off the look of the more traditional Pokemon game. The style is growing on me a bit, and while Pokemon Legends: Arceus is doing a lot to explore new territory in the Pokemon universe, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl look to be keeping the spirit of their predecessors going on the Switch.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are out on Nov. 19, 2021, while Pokemon Legends: Arceus is targeting Jan. 28, 2022, both for the Nintendo Switch.

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