Pokemon Home will support all of the upcoming Pokemon games sometime in 2022

Pokemon Home


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Buried near the end of the recent Pokemon Presents presentation was a Pokemon Home confirmation. It was confirmed for both Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, and there will be “upcoming announcements with further details.”

All three games will be coming to Home sometime in 2022, which is a pretty large window there! It’s important to note that Pokemon Diamond/Pearl will have it particularly rough, as it needs to wait the full allotted time for the 2022 rollout, despite the fact that it actually arrives in November.

While I totally get that there are logistical and foundational repercussions to making this system work, it is a paid service (if you want to get anything useful out of it). Not having it at launch for Pearl/Diamond fans is a bit of a feel-bad moment.

Then there’s always the argument for pacing. Some folks don’t really like having Pokemon Home early because it dilutes the pool of creatures, having people bring in their max level characters and all sorts of min-maxed meta-defining fighters in very early. Delaying Home so that the Diamond/Pearl remake meta can blossom into its own thing makes sense.

In any case, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company haven’t been the best at rolling out Pokemon Home features as a whole. Here’s hoping by the time Legends is out that everything goes smoothly.

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