Pokemon Go is still chugging as the ‘fastest game ever’ to hit $500 million in revenue

It took them 60 days

Although a lot of folks I know have quit playing, it still clearly has an audience — Pokemon Go is apparently the fastest app to reach the $500 million revenue mark, beating out titans like Candy Crush. Analyst site App Annie predicts that it’ll reach one billion by the end of the year, which will be a mighty feat since developer Niantic has barely addressed any of the game’s biggest issues since launch.

The site also claims that the retention rates are “pretty good” as well, just coming in below Words with Friends on that scale for the entire Android marketplace. I’ve noticed a massive dropoff at local hotspots though on an anecdotal level — where there used to be literally hundreds of people at certain Pokestop-heavy spots, now there’s only several dedicated families during prime playing times. I also don’t think it’ll be able to jazz people up quite as much for the Silver and Gold generation.

In an Industry First, Pokémon GO Hits $500M in 60 Days [App Annie]

Chris Carter
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