Pokemon Go and Scarlet/Violet connectivity confirmed for 2023

Scarlet/Violet connectivity

Roaming Gimmighouls are in Go early, too

Pokemon Go and Scarlet/Violet connectivity is confirmed by way of a tweet from the official Pokemon Twitter account, which asks players to “stay by for future announcements.”

Interestingly, a new Pokemon has been shown off as a result of this collaboration. It’s called “Gimmighoul,” and follows a long line of mythological tricksters that are focused around coins/gold/wealth.  Gimmighoul takes on a “chest form” in Scarlet and Violet, and functions a lot like a Mimic treasure chest in many other forms of fantasy media. But it also sports a “roaming form,” which is live in Pokemon Go now.

Here’s a breakdown:

“Research conducted by Professor Willow and Jacq, a biology teacher from the Paldea region, confirms that Trainers have spotted Gimmighoul in its Roaming Form. Further, there’s another form in the Paldea region called Chest Form Gimmighoul.”

We also get a reconfirmation that Pokemon Home support is still planned for Scarlet and Violet after launch. Right at 5:01 in the below video at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see that Scarlet/Violet connectivity “is expected to be added to Pokemon Home after the game’s release.” Future announcements will come at a later date.

While Pokemon connectivity is often rolled out haphazardly or late, it’s nice to know that it’s coming at some point.

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