Pokemon introduces this Muttley-looking good dog with a spooky found footage video

Pokemon dog

::Extremely Muttley laugh::

Muttley is an all-time best-dog in cartoons, and now it seems like everyone is ready to embrace this new good boy in Pokemon. Following a viral campaign from The Pokemon Company advertising that something was going to happen on October 25, we just got a new Pokemon reveal: in the style of a found footage video. Yep, it’s a new Pokemon dog.

Pokemon dog 2

Thanks to some post-video info dumps, we know that it’s a ghost-type Pokemon named Greavard, and that it seems to resemble a design that’s a cross between Litwick and a dog. It also possibly murdered the trainer in the video, and potentially has an “energy vampire” type aura.

Based on the official description, I was right!

“Greavard is friendly and affectionate, willing to follow Trainers no matter where they go with its handy Pickup Ability. Trainers beware – these Ghost-type Pokémon will slowly take the life force of those nearby and are known for grievous bites, so approach Greavard with caution.”

Category: Ghost Dog Pokémon
Type: Ghost
Height: 2′ (0.6 m)
Weight: 77.2 lbs. (35.0 kg)
Ability: Pickup

But really, this is kind of all people need. Just a little tease of a dog and they’re all good until the game actually arrives next month. We also get a quick soft confirmation for Mimikyu (one of the more popular modern ‘mons) in the new generation.

I think we’ve seen quite a bit of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet at this point, and all I really need is for it to deliver. The triple storyline system, the multiplayer aspect, the exploration billed as the first true open world: all of it sounds good in theory. Whether or not a Pokemon game will actually execute on everything it sets out to do: that’s always something that needs to be answered post-launch. For now, we have another Pokemon dog.

The debut of the new ghost type Pokemon dog:

[Update: A new video has debuted that shows off Greavard officially with a tad more footage, including a look at combat. You can watch it below.]

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