Latest Pokemon animated series trailer spotlights its new leads

Pokemon Scarlet Violet animated series trailer

A look at who’s taking up Ash’s mantle

The next step in the Pokemon animated series is on its way. With the latest trailer, we’re getting a look at the new series leads that are taking up the mantle.

Liko and Roy look like our two new leads, each with a mysterious new artifact. Liko carries a strange pendant, while Roy has an oddly designed PokeBall. I imagine the series will probably highlight their search to uncover the meaning behind both of them.

We also have Friede and my personal new favorite character, Captain Pikachu. If you were worried that Ash’s impending retirement would mean less Pikachu, that does not seem to be the case. We even get a Pikachu with a cool hat!

Paldean starters Fuecoco, Sprigatito, and Quaxley all make an appearance here too; it looks like Sprigatito is Liko’s Pokemon, while Roy has Fuecoco. Also spied in today’s trailer: Fride on a Charizard, a Cerueledge, and an Oshawott just hanging out in the background of one shot. Rad!

Setting off on a new journey

Following after Ash’s big championship win, this new series will see the longtime protagonist hang up his hat and let a new batch of eternally-young Trainers take the lead. It’s a pretty big step, considering how Ash has been at the center of the Pokemon animated series for quite a long time.

It leaves a lot of weight on this special to deliver, but I’m keen to see how the show evolves with Liko and Roy in the lead. The new series premieres in Japan on April 14 with an hour-long special.

Meanwhile, if you’re keen for more in the world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there’s plenty on the way this year. The Pokemon Company recently confirmed two pieces of DLC are scheduled for this year, with one arriving in the fall and the second arriving winter 2023.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter