Podtoid cuarenta y seis records anoche, give us your questiones

I am currently sitting on a bench at ASU staring at two crowds of people, one right next to the other. At the head of the first crowd stands an elderly woman in a sun hat, holding an oversized piece of white posterboard reading “WARNING: Fornicators, sodomites, liars, and drunkards are going to HELL.”

The other crowd, ostensibly formed to piss off the guys who instigated the first crowd, is standing in front of a guy with a sign reading “FREE GAY KISSES.”

Guess which crowd is having more fun.

This week, Linde, Jim, Tiff and I will discuss videogame movies. If they suck, why they suck, and which sucked the hardest. I assume that, as always, I will have to act as the last line of defense for the Super Mario movie.

As always, we live for your questions. Whether related to this week’s theme or not, the best question will earn 25 smackers, so hit the comments and ask away. 

Anthony Burch