Podtoid 82 tonight has no pithy end-of-year cliches to fall back on

I’m glad someone took every single scene I didn’t despise from this movie and put it into one easy-to-access video (spoiler at the end).

Now that New Year’s is over, Podtoid has no easy, theme-related structures to fall back on. We can’t talk about how this year compared against the last, or what we’re looking forward to in 2009, or any of that cliche junk. We have to start talking about news again. Bummer.

We’ll be discussing Jim’s article on spectator games, last month’s musings article, and other things I haven’t really considered yet.

This week, I guess we’re doing something new to determine who gets a prize: we still encourage you to ask questions, of course, but we’ve also got a sort of dramatic reading contest going on, as well. 

Hit the jump for more details.

This week only (unless people end up really liking it, in which case we’ll turn it into a regular thing), you can record yourself performing a dramatic reading of any lines you wish from, any Metal Gear game, and we’ll edit in the best monologue into the full podcast.

Again, we really encourage questions, but you can do this second thing if you wanna.

Anthony Burch