Podtoid 66 records tonight, with special guest Jonathan Blow!


For two weeks, the cast of Podtoid has been forced to hold back every comment and discussion about Braid. Tonight, however, it all comes out in one Braid-filled, Braid-tastic podcast we’ve affectionally titled Braidtoid (thanks, Tubatic!).

Joined by Jonathan Blow, Braid‘s creator, we plan to share our opinions on the game, pick Jon’s brain, and hopefully get into some illuminating discussions about game design and Braid‘s metaphors.

It wouldn’t be Podtoid without listener questions, however. Tonight, we’re going to try to insert your questions all throughout the podcast, rather than grouping them all together for a segment near the end. This (hopefully) means we’ll be discussing more reader questions than usual, which means a better chance for you to win $25.

If you’ve got any questions for Jonathan Blow, or about Braid in general, hit the jump and ask away.

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