Podtoid 65: The passion of Joel Siegel


This week’s episode of Podtoid is, if I may say so, a reasonably enjoyable one. We witness the death of an old Podtoid meme and the birth of a new one, we all get our digs in on Luc Bernard, and Aaron Linde yells at another well-meaning listener for no good reason. 

You can listen to the podcast here, as always. Highlights include:

– Mr. Destructoid to be removed from FaceBreaker

– Vomiting, passed-out gamers are: hilarious, tragic, aggravating, mostly hilarious

– Jon Blow will be on the show next week!

– I make the stupidest goddamn factual error I’ve made me my entire goddamn life why am I even a journalist I don’t deserve this job I wish I were dead

– Ruminations on the Nintendo 64

– Puns, puns, puns

This week’s best question — and I know I always say this, but it was honestly very hard to choose with so many great questions — came from NobodysDream. Put yer email in the comments and we’ll contact you about getting your piece of swag.

[The music is “Dirge” by Death in Vegas.]

Anthony Burch