Podtoid 56: Monkeys are a satire of humans


That evolution picture may initially seem funny, but it scares the crap out of me. Lord (or Darwin) knows it’s a struggle just to maintain good posture for more than thirty seconds at a time. 

This week, Colette Bennett joined the cast in place of Aaron Linde, who contracted bird flu or something. You can listen to the new episode here, or, better yet, subscribe to us on iTunes.

With half the cast made up of females, and the other half made up of Jim Sterling and myself, there couldn’t possibly be any sort of sexism-driven arguments in this episode. We’re just too respectful of one another’s genders to fall victim to name-calling of that sort. Highlights included:

Next week’s sonnet theme will be “Web 3.0” as explained by Tiff Chow

Colette gets out of the kitchen…

…Then walks right back in

The pussification of games: lowered difficulty in Beyond Good and Evil 2

Winners don’t do drugs, unless they make videogames more fun

Next week’s sonnet theme will not be “Pedophile and Minotaur”

Games we’ve been offended by: boobs are involved 

This week’s best question came from RobotFart, though it was admittedly a pretty tough call. Gimme your email in the comments, Mr. Fart, and your money will be delivered to you by carrier pigeon.

[Intro/outro music is “I’m Good, I’m Gone” by Lykke Li.] 

Anthony Burch