Podtoid 55 tonight, with special guests Topher and Ashley Davis


Tiff is sick and Linde is off playing a videogame I’m looking forward to more than the hypothetical birth of my firstborn, so tonight’s Podtoid will feature special guests Topher Cantler of RFGO! and Ashley Davis, of Giraffestalker fame.

We will be spooging about the Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer, discussing this month’s Musings theme, and trying to remember whether or not we liked the old Oddworld games. We will, as always, require some intelligent and incisive questions (or failing that, questions that start with the phrase, “what is your favorite”). 

This week’s sonnet theme is aggressive sexism. As said earlier, Tiff won’t be on tonight’s show — this means you should either be nicer than you otherwise would, or a hell of a lot more mean. I dunno.

As always, the best question will get you $25 bucks and the best sonnet will be read aloud.

Hit the comments, faithful listeners.

[UPDATE: I guess Aaron Linde will be with us tonight. So, there’s that.]

Anthony Burch