Podtoid 54 jumps the gun and records tonight


Due to half our cast going missing tomorrow night, we’re prematurely recording this week’s edition of Podtoid.

The upside? You get an episode of Podtoid a day early.The downside? You may be caught off-guard by this sudden lurching in our schedule, becoming so confused that as you try to come up with interesting questions or clever sonnets, you tumble into a sort of manic-depressive state from which you will never, ever escape.

This week’s sonnet theme is “Jim versus a giraffe” — you don’t actually have to use that phrase, but ideally, whatever you create should be related to Jim Sterling competing against a giraffe.

In terms of actual episode content, we’ll just be talking about random news stories with a potentially heavy emphasis on reader questions: not all that much happened this past week, so I will be subliminally relying on you, faithful listener, to provide us with great conversation fodder.

So, yeah — we need questions and sonnets for tonight. Ask the greatest question, get $25, make the greatest sonnet, get it read aloud with sexy music backing by Naia the Gamer. Hit that jump and go to work.

Anthony Burch