Podcastle goes LIVE! Find out how to be part of the rubbish

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Last night, I told you that we would today be recording The Podcastle, Destructoid’s Euro-flavored podcast. What I didn’t tell you (because we didn’t decide it until about twenty minutes ago) is that The Podcastle is going to be a LIVE recording. Yes, YOU can join the Podcastle gang and not only listen in, but participate in a live Skypecast show. If it goes well, it may prove to be the future of Podcastle, so muck in and help out.

If you have a copy of Skype and want to be part of the potential call-in audience, simply clicky-click this link right here and join the Skypecast. Do it, or we will kill your mum.

Note: Okay, to cut down on the trolls and spam that appeared roughly one minute before we tried to set this idea up, we need to know who is worth having on the show. We’re going to use IRC to orchestrate things, so please get into IRC and then share your Skype name there so we can moderate more efficiently. May God have mercy on us.

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