Please sir, I want some Xenomore: Colonial Marines details surface

Last week, I shared my tentative delight at the announcement that Aliens: Colonial Marines had been resurrected by Sega. As a huge fan of the Xenomorphs and their phallic peculiarities, I’m always willing to give an Aliens game a chance, and this is already looking like it could be one of the good ones.

A squad based shooter that pits the US Colonial Marines against the Alien menace, the main game is a story driven adventure penned by Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, who some may know from their work on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine & Battlestar Galactica. The game is aiming to capture the look and feel of the original Aliens movies. Anything that brings the first two films to life is welcome in my book … but at least avoid Alien: Resurrection and its mad gimpy little wheelchair dwarf guy.

As well as single player, four player co-op (zomgponies) has been announced, where each and every member of the squad has “a distinct role to play in the completion of every mission.” There will be more multiplayer modes announced at a later date, though I suppose asking for Marines versus Aliens deathmatches is a little too much? (Please don’t let it be too much).

If you want to get some visuals to go along with your announcements, you can view a few scans right here. I’m not sure if they’re all concept or if some of it comes from the game, but hopefully we can see some definitive in-game stuff soon. I have a modicum of faith in this one … please don’t let it be abused.

[Update: Apparently the screens aren’t actually related to Colonial Marines. I thank user “Read the Magazine, who seriously joined Destructoid with that name, to tell me to read the magazine. Seriously.]

Jim Sterling