Please enjoy these gory trailers for Brother’s in Arms: Hell’s Highway

Brother’s in Arms: Hell’s Highway is finally coming out next week, and to celebrate, Gearbox sent over a digital package full of gore! In fact, the trailers are so gory, that we had to put them after the jump as to not upset underage crowd. 

So please don’t watch the trailers, children. Instead, go read my hands-on preview I did on Hell’s Highway back in April where I detail all of the gore and violence from the game. You can’t watch gore kids, but there’s nothing that says you can’t read about it! 

For the mature audience, go ahead and hit the jump to check out the gore-tastic trailers. 

The first video shows off the various gameplay features players will come across while playing Brother’s in Arms. The main focus of the video shows off just how bloody the dismemberment is in the game. You’ll see legs, arms, heads and the entire human body getting torn to bits in disgustingly realistic details. 

The second video is just a quick little trailer showing how dark war truly is. 

Hamza Aziz