PlayStation VR2 launches in early 2023

PlayStation VR2 2023 release window

It’s going to be a busy year for gaming

Even as Sony shares more details about PlayStation VR2, we’ve still wondered about the games, the timing, and crucially, the price. Today, the company narrowed in a bit — PlayStation VR2 is officially coming in “early 2023,” according to a tweet from PlayStation.

It’s a simple announcement tweet with just the new timeline and a familiar photo of the PS5 headset and VR2 Sense controllers, both of which have been shown off before. With Gamescom happening this week, this could be a lead-in for a wider announcement. Or it could just be another incremental news update, business as usual. You never know.

How much is too much?

I’m anxious about the price, particularly after Meta Quest 2 got a $100 price hike.

The $400 range would be a pleasant surprise, but I’m expecting closer to $500 (depending on what’s included). Either way, if you’re a new PS5 owner, it’ll likely be a lot. I’m saving.

That said, I got my money’s worth out of the PlayStation VR, and it’s been long enough that I’m ready to invest in another VR platform. Even with technical drawbacks, I liked the PSVR experience — I’m expecting to feel the same way about PSVR2. In some ways, I hope the next headset echoes the PS4-to-PS5 transition; more of the same, but nicer.

Resident Evil Village VR
Dual wielding in Resident Evil Village VR.

Sony has plenty of time to do a big VR-focused State of Play blowout stream in the coming months. For now, the docket has Horizon Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil Village, No Man’s Sky, and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution.

PlayStation VR garnered fans, and I’m crossing my fingers that PSVR2 is the upgrade it should be. An ergonomic, well-thought-out headset is nothing without meaningful games, and expectations are only getting higher. Resident Evil gets my foot in the door, at least.

The Resident Evil 4 remake is out on March 23, 2023, and it’ll support PlayStation VR2 in some not-yet-concrete way. I’m also down for another Village run.

It’s fun to think back to the PSVR launch lineup — it was a mad dash around here with Chris and I splitting up review duties for games like SuperHyperCube, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Rez Infinite, Job Simulator, and Batman: Arkham VR. I’m hoping for a splashy group.

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