PlayStation Store sale highlights: Doom Eternal Deluxe, Yakuza, Turok, and Persona 5 Strikers

Doom Eternal wallpaper

Planet of the Discounts, Games Under $15, and Add-On Deals are running through July 21

PlayStation Store sale season is in full effect right now with three major PS4 and PS5 game sales running through July 21, 2021. If you’re in the mood to spend:

The first promo has my attention with a few hundred games, some of which are recent, though I do appreciate the chance to save on DLC that’s difficult to justify at full price (Dead by Daylight), and you know I love a good flawed gem plucked from the bargain bin.

After scanning through the Planet of the Discounts list, I’ve got some picks.

Wild card deals you might be super into:

Again, I focused on just one PlayStation Store sale, and there are two others that might serve you better, so follow your gut. I always feel like I’m taking a shotgun approach, but that’s sort of how it goes. We all get to the games we get to when we’re good and ready.

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