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Let’s watch the first PlayStation State of Play of 2023

Rev up those VR headsets

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Both Nintendo and Xbox have broken the seal on 2023, and now it’s PlayStation’s turn. Today, Sony is airing its first PlayStation State of Play for 2023.

The stream goes live at 4 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. PT on the PlayStation streaming channels. You can also watch via the embed below:

The show is expected to have a decent number of announcements, ranging from virtual reality to indies and big, blockbuster games. So what are we looking forward to for this particular stream?

The state of play in 2023

Sony has already pretty well-established that this is going to be a stream laden with third-party news. The headliner is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and we’re expecting to see a chunk of gameplay for the upcoming Rocksteady game. Given its new release date is just a few months away, this should hopefully lock the date in for good.

PlayStation VR2 is also set to play a big role in today’s stream. Five games coming to PS VR2 later this year are going to get shown off. While hopes are high that some big names may make a console debut, it’s probably worth keeping expectations in check for what Sony will show for its brand-new headset.

Lastly, we are also going to get “new looks” at anticipated games from third-party partners. There are a number of usual suspects that have made previous PlayStation stream appearances and are due to launch this year, like Street Fighter 6 and Final Fantasy XVI. Plus, never discount a little indie surprise.

Today’s stream is, much like the Xbox Developer Direct and Nintendo Direct, a tone-setter going forward. 2023 still feels a bit uncertain for Sony’s console aside from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but today we’ll hopefully see some updates on what the future holds, both for PS5 and its brand-new VR headset.

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